About Us

Equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to hold a competitive edge in today’s job market, we develop strong proactive leaders in our close-knit community. The Asian Business Student Association is a club here at the University of Washington with a mission to combine community, insight, and fun to create a positive learning experience for many students.

We create a sense of community by interacting with students and getting to know them beyond surface level. With a smaller group of students, we get to know each other better and feel comfortable turning to each other for support and advice. Building trust and respect in our community is highly valued because we want our members to feel valued and understood. In the upcoming quarter we hope to launch our mentorship program where we pair students based on interests, major/focus studies, and age.

By providing insight to our members, we are able to help them gain an edge when it comes to job and internship applications. It is more than just the words on your resume, a large part of it comes from being a personable and like-able person. Of course, we cannot teach you to be someone you are not, but we can help refine your social skills to highlight your strong characteristics! We host workshops and have market-specific professionals come in to speak to provide some more insight to our students as well.

What kind of college student doesn’t like to have fun? As a club, we try to balance the professional and academic life with some fun. We host social events and we also have several member-specific group bonding activities. Come out to our next one to get to know each of us with some food and fun!